Meeting Dr. Rao.


After participating in an discussion at another blog about disgruntled employees, where I said that if you are disgruntled, you have the wrong focus, I was confronted with this question: ”Frode have you heard Dr Rao speak? (There is a GoogleTalk). He makes the same argument.” – No I do not even know who he is. So of course, I had to find out about this and found this video. Since as some of my employees are reading my blog (You guys rock! And you are all doing a great job these days!) I feel like sharing my experience tonight. I have just been listening to Srikumar Rao’s speech for Google employees. And I find myself enlighten. It is a very interesting 48 minutes and everybody should really listen to what he is talking about.

Achieving the next level
I spoke to a coach at my company today about how you should get to the next level. I do not describe levels as in rank, but rather as a scientific and a mental level, how to evolve as a leader. I found it easy to explain how she could evolve to the next level, when it struck me, how can I evolve to the next level? If I am a level leader how can I become better and evolve to the level? I feel that Dr Rao gave me a hint in this video and I am just about right now ordering his book from Amazon. Thanks Jo for your great tip.

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