Money Motivation Matters Meh…


I wish I could be rich, so I could afford to be poor” – When it comes down to money this is my only motivation. I could manage without money if I could eat, live, love and read for free. But I can’t so I must admit that money as a motivation matters a tiny bit. If you feel that money is your strongest motivation – sorry to disappoint you, but you are wrong.

You want money to do what?

This is a stronger motivation for you. You want a new car, or a big house or you want to do good and help others in need. The thing you want to spend your money on – is a stronger motivation than money itself. The achievement of having money – success, status or objects, if you would get this for free, you would not want money?

Why do you want this?

You want a nice house, for status? For comfort? For easy living? A car that are safe? Or a chick magnet? You want to be able to live a comfortable life and afford things that you need? You want to buy a library to put in your basement to increase your knowledge? Or create a safe college fond for your kids? Now we are addressing your core values. And we have moved your motivational factor from an extrinsic motivation to an intrinsic motivation. And this is the strongest drive to some of the most successful people in the world. I am going to show a few examples.


Are they driven by the money? Or are they driven by a will to win? Would you not quit being a pro golfer as soon as you have financial freedom? Or are they driven to keep improving? I am absolutely sure that the best of the best are driven by an inner force to become a little bit better at what they do. Not better than the competitors, but better than themselves.

My inner motivation is knowledge and challenges. I want to become better at what I do, I want to become the best possible leader I can be, and I want to become a customer service genius. I can’t remember asking for more money in any of my jobs the past 10 years. My only competitor is me. I know I can always improve, every day of my life. But if I can’t pay my bills, then this will be a disturbing factor in my motivation, so I need to make enough money to fully focus on my goals.

Listen to top achievers

I can’t remember anybody talking about the money they won. I can hear they talk about their race or performance, or how the formula one champion felt the victory would slip because of a small error during the final lap. Still as the champion focusing on improvements.

So when I read about people being motivated by money – my first initial thought is this: “Poor soul, you could do so much better” – with the right kind of motivation. So if you are still very motivated by money, use a few of them to buy some great books about motivation. Or if you can’t part with a few bucks go to the library and borrow some for free.

I am positive that if you change your gear and motivation to become the best at what you do – you will change behavior, you will change your goals, and you will in the end probably make more money too as a side effect of your improvements.

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