My eBook is Out: Becoming Great @Work


Become Great @Work

After spending almost the entire night making my last changes and writing the epilogue… I am now happy to say that my book is ready for download. This book is based on my own experiences mixed with my knowledge from day to day work and sharing what I have been learning by doing and reading. I wish I had this book 20 years ago when I first started working for a living. To be able to write a book, even an eBook has been something I have wanted to do for many years. I have spent about 3,5-4 years from the ideas to the finished product. What I hope to do with this book is to give other people inspiration and knowledge to do a great job.

Please check it out, you might learn something 🙂

You can buy the book at, just click here.


Some lines from the book

You need to refuel with new knowledge, new abilities and skills; you need to get inspiration from somewhere. You need to insert some goals into your plan. When you finally have learned something, you will be able to do one of the most meaningful things in the world; you can share and teach others the knowledge that you possess. You can mentor, you can inspire. You have the power to influence other people.

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