My leadership vision!


Say YES! It is just that much more funI want to improve quality of life and work ethics within those I lead.

I want everybody that I coach, lead or in some other way influence to learn to be a great human and a great co-worker. I want them to be on time, experience fun at work, I want them to evolve as human beings. I want them to see the value of a great résumé. I want to teach them what I know, and what I did wrong and right. I want to transform my experience over to the next. I want them to reach further than me.

I want them to dare to be great, I want them to be comfortable with having ambitions in life, I want them to experience happiness now at this moment with what they have, not with what they might or might not get later in life.
I want to teach them how to be self motivated, self confident, a great co-worker, and a positive person that contribute to a great work environment.


I want everybody to see that anything is possible.
I want to be able to make people appreciate knowledge, ownership, punctuality, trust, honesty and ambitions.
Have you heard about the Jante law? These set of rules does not apply in my universe. They should not apply in yours either.
In the future I want people to think about the good times when they worked with me, being able to describe people that changed their life, and mention my name.
People that work with me shall:
  • Keep appointments and be on time for work, or even 15 minutes early.
  • Appreciate knowledge and read and learn about something, can be both work related or just anything else.
  • Never talk negative about other people and respect other people’s right to form their own opinions to the matter. Fight to avoid a negative attitude both in life, work and self.
  • Display great effort and ownership to whatever job they must hold. Work as they own the business and want to create great results as if they are responsible for the profit. Be loyal.
  • Have a great amount of fun, be a little bit crazy.
  • Be trusted and display trust in others.
  • Be honest.
  • Dare to be the best, or want to be the best, and that is great!

I shall strive to become a better leader always. I shall never be good enough. I shall succeed in creating happy people with ambitions. I shall always share my knowledge with others.

I am currently reading a book about leadership, the book is not very good, but it does have some interesting things, one of those is to write down my leadership vision, to create a more authentic leader. I have always had my set of values; Ownership, punctuality, efficiency, knowledge, honesty and trust with me, and I thought I knew my leadership vision, but it was fun to write it down to make things a bit more clear. Try it yourself! Or just maybe write a life vision?

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