NeverMind-Awards 2013 – Open for Entries


I am proud to finally announce that the 2013 NeverMind-Awards are now accepting new entries.
In 2011 Daniel Pink got the attractive #1 spot on my top 100 leadership blogs. I know you have been waiting a long time for the 2012 edition that never came. Instead this year, to save myself from a load of work, I have created a semi-automatic ranking system. It will still take a lot of work, but at least I will not have to search for and enter all contestants myself. In 2013 you can just sign up your blog, and as long as it is alive, it will continue to enter my future competitions as well.

Will Daniel Pink defend his throne?

Will Daniel Pink defend his throne?

Will Daniel Pink lose his number one spot? Will there be one of the challengers taking over? Or will a newcomer climb all the way to the top? How about Never Mind the Manager? Will my blog climb or fall from the comfortable #69 spot in 2011.

The metrics are the same as last time, so it is easy to compare. There are a few tweaks and adjustments, but the major influencers are the same.  Numbers don’t lie; still I have added a personal touch too. As I review each contestant’s blog I will give it a first impression rating from 1 to 10. This rating will not have huge impact on the ratings as it has a low weight to the total score. – But it will help to separate two blogs with the same score.

Entries for new contestants are open until the end of February. I will then start my engines and analyze the data. The winners will be announced as soon as possible after the deadline.

Sponsor this event?

I am creating this contest due to my huge interests in blogging and leadership. In 2011 this contest got a good amount of attention, and my audience has grown a lot since then. I expect this contest to be the main attraction of the year at my blog. It would be nice to have a give-away to the winner. In return you can get the banner in my header and a mention in all related blog-posts. Contact me if you want to help me honor the winners.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Use this hash-tag on Twitter: #nmtm13 if you are commenting on this contest. [/box]

I am really looking forward until the end of April when we will have the winners ready.

Good luck.

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