Norway cries


CandleI wrote this after the tragic bombing in Oslo and shooting at Utøya. 

Beauty of humans are found in the hearts
Glory of humans are in good actions
Heroes within them welded in the soul
no fear for self
In the darkest moments heroes are made
Grief is found in our tears
Comfort is found in joined arms

 Rest in peace…

I drowe thru Oslo right after the bombing, the smell of the explotions and the news on the radio made me cry. It is impossible to comprehend these awful actions. My thoughts are with friends and family of the victims and survivors. I would also praise Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg for great leadership in these hard times. He lost friends and fellow Labour Party members, still he is able to bring us all together. I hope this will inspire young people to engage in politics regardless of political view in respect of the victims.

Frode Heimen

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