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The influence of single human beings in my life has been huge. I know exact moments in my life when my life took a major turn or moments that totally changed the way I think about myself and the world. I recently wrote about the stranger and how he one day gave me confidence as he walked out of my shop in the middle of the 90’s

Now I am taking you back to the end of the previous millennium, I worked as a salesman for a major electrical retail company. I was selling those Pentium computers like crazy. The year was 1998 and I still sold an occasional telefax machine. The modem I had at home made sounds and I could not use the phone line at the same time. And a lot of people needed assurance that the gadgets they bought would live past the millennium change.

Inspire someoneI had great friends and great co-workers, and I still keep in touch with some of them today. I learned about hard work, effort, and I learned to sell. I learned the importance of planning and training. I learned that loving what you do is important and I learned that having fun at work is essential to success. I loved going to work; I even lived in the house next door. But this is not a story about a job. This is a story about what one day happened at work.

One day I don’t remember when exactly – but as usual we had a lot of gatherings both local and central to learn about new products, be inspired and get to know each other. This was one of these occasions. I think this was a local initiative, but I am not sure. However a former world champion cyclist was hired to inspire us. And I was all ears.

“It is your life, and it is your choice to make it a success – you can do anything if you put your mind to it” “Dare to dream, and dare to follow your dreams” – these are not exact words, but it is as I remember it today.

Listening to someone who sacrificed so much pain to achieve a goal was inspiring. I decided that day that I wanted to follow my dream to become a professional web developer. So I applied to this school that had a “Webmaster”-program. I got accepted moved to another part of Norway, got a new job before the school year was over – the millennium had changed and we all survived it. I had learned new skills and had myself an Adobe Certified Expert diploma and I worked as a webdesigner at what I still consider the best e-commerce company in the world!

Inspire someone
If you can inspire other people, do so. You will never know when you reach inside the right person and turn on the right buttons. I learned the joy of inspiration from that one evening. I was truly inspired and dared to have a leap of faith and jumped. It totally changed my life. I have felt what inspiration can do with a person, since then I have tried to inspire co-workers and people along my path. Because who knows, maybe I am the one to catalyze their dreams.

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