One Week Action Plan


one_weekI understand that Mondays can be a dread. And you might think that the weekend is a far far away place that seems impossible to reach. I am going to provide you with a day to day guide on how to make your week more fun and interesting. Start by looking in the mirror in the morning and decide that this week is going to be great!


Start the day by writing down two different goals, one goal for Monday and one goal for the entire week. These goals must be measurable. Put them down on a sticky note or on a piece of paper that you can attach to your computer screen or somewhere else your eyes tend to focus. (No! Putting a sticky note on a co-worker’s behind is not acceptable!)

Do not worry too much about reaching the goal. Check your score against the note when the day is over. Maybe you did not reach your goal? Maybe you did? Now write down your “high score” you will keep this number for the rest of your week, and your goal is to beat your own high score during the week.

When you come home on Monday, think about what you can do for your spouse, if you have not bought a gift within the last three months, you should get a small item to show that you care. Or you can plan a picnic, go for a walk or spend some other quality time together.

If you are single, call a friend and plan an event for Thursday. This can be a trip to the movies, get together for dinner or any other activity. Do try to invite five-six people for a nice time. Start by inviting them on Monday evening.


Bring a small bag of candy or some fruit to have on your desk. Look at your note and figure out how to beat your high score. Add one more goal to your note: Try to make two people smile today.

Tuesday is no complaining day, so be aware of negativity and try to stay positive, even try to turn other negative people around, it can be a sport. When you go home today select another route. If you walk, try to walk a longer route.

At home make a list of at least three things you want to do around the house and do it.

If you lack people for your Thursday night event, keep inviting more.


Are you on your way to reach your goal for the week? Evaluate and adjust if necessary. Do something different today, or try something new. Taste something new; get to know someone at work or anything new or different. Maybe you could get something new for your desk like something decorative or any fun attraction. Special assignment of the day: Thank someone for something.

At home select one room to clean. Make the last efforts to your invitations, if you still lack a person or two for the Thursday arrangement.

Start planning your weekend.


Are you keeping track of your high score? How are you doing? You have a new chance to set a high score today! How do you feel when beating the high score? It is Thursday today. This day is great for two things; clean your desk so it is tidy on Friday. And get the worst tasks out of the way, leaving the easy or fun tasks for Friday.

If you are going out with friends, relax and know that Friday will be a great day.

Thursdays are also great for housework, a shiny house on Thursday is a great place to be on weekends.


Finally it is Friday, last chance to beat your high score and last chance to reach the goal of the week. Even if it is Friday, does not mean that you shall not work, so give it everything, in hope of beating your high score and then celebrate.

Bring snacks to work, put it in a bowl at your desk and share with everybody.
Friday is about fun, make people laugh, make them smile.

So did you manage to reach your goals? Did anyone contribute to this victory? Did you get help from anybody? Make sure to thank them. Thank people that made your week great. The day is over, and the week flew away. Now what? Weekend, enjoy and look forward to Monday and read this once more. Your high score is up for a beating. Do you dare to compare high scores with a co-worker next week? Make a race out of it. 

Have a fantastic week!

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