Only in Norway. $9 on time guarantee!


I have been amazed these last few days. There is a quite creative manager running a local cab company in Trondheim, Norway. I know that as a business leader you might want to be creative to make more money but I think this one might be best. They have decided to charge a fee of $9 to guarantee that if you order a cab, it will be there on time! So if you order a cab at this company, normal service will be arriving late? I need to be at the airport at 9 am! Great, I will get you there ten minutes late, or you could pay our fabulous “on time guarantee” for just the little amount of nine dollars. Wow! That is an amazing offer! Considering that an average cab ride in Trondheim cost $25, so for an extra 36 % of our normal price it will be there on time! If I order something in the first place, being on time would be the minimum of good quality customer care!

I had to share this story with you. In a comment the CEO says; “there is a market out there willing to pay for the guarantee of on time arrival.” – What? Are we stupid? 🙂

Do you have any similar stories of creative management? Please do share.

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