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coffeeMy wife and I had a couple of hours to our selves today and spent the time downtown as there is a festival in town and a lot of life to absorb. We sat down at a local coffee shop, I got my Coffee Mocca, and my wife ordered a regular black coffee. ”Sorry, we are out of coffee” – was the immediate response. What?! This is a coffee shop, how can you be out of coffee? We sat down and observed the people, the customers and the staff. We noticed that almost none of the customers smiled. One of the employees sounded almost angry. ”Sir, HERE IS YOUR BAGEL” – (It’s freaking hard to write in an angry tone…) There were no “please”, no “thank you”.

The trick for you to learn today
You are never out of anything, there is always an option. Let’s say you work at a coffee shop. Someone orders plain coffee. Your answer would be: ”I am currently making some fresh coffee, please be seated.” or ”Would you like to try the mocca with cinnamon today, it is really good?”

I want a PepsiWe have Coca Cola, would that be ok?

I want chickenCan I recommend the pork today, it is really good?

I want the problem solved now!We can manage to solve it by tomorrow!

Do not say, NO, sorry we are out ever. Always give the option. And please do smile; try to at least pretend that you are happy at work.

My wife said to me: “I want to leave this hostile environment.” – I agreed. You almost became angry at a place where you are supposed to be relaxed.

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