Pecha Kucha


Do you need inspiration, some time off work, and a social inspiring night out? Bring some co-workers or friends to a Pecha Kucha event. Pecha Kucha is Japanese for small talk. The concept is easy and fun. You got 20 power point slides at your disposal, each slide for 20 seconds, a total presentation in six minutes and forty seconds. The rest is up to you.

Inspiration in minutes.
I and a co-worker went to a local Pecha Kucha night a week ago. This was my first time to such an event. To be honest some of the presentations gave me nothing. But the whole event and concept was very inspiring and creative. I got a few ideas to bring back to the office. That’s why you should go to the nearest Pecha Kucha Night as soon as you can.

A normal status meeting in 6:40?
When I have meetings with those higher on the ladder, a presentation may take 30 minutes. We had a presentation for all employees about a major change taking 5 times 1 hour 20 minutes. If we managed to pack the message in a 6 minutes 40 second presentations, the effect would be timesaving and it would punch the point in without being boring.

Read about Pecha Kucha here.

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