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Are you giving your very best efforts at work? Are you fighting for that promotion? Why? One of the dangers about promotion is that you might get into a position that you can’t handle and then you will suck according to David Burkus. I totally agree with him on this. I have included a short clip from one of his speeches below, watch it and learn. I have a similar view on promotions, as it is not getting a “better” job or more money and responsibility. A promotion starts inside your head and what you are promoting is your knowledge. As a leader you should strive to develop as a human and as a leader, it is you obligation to your employees.

Promotions are leadership development as you evolve as a leader, not what positions you are possessing.

Take a look at David Burkus Why your boss sucks.

If you are interested in reading more about becoming a leader, take a look at this post about the different steps of leadership development.

David Burkus has accepted an invitation to guest blog here at Never Mind the Manager, I am looking forward for his contribution. I hope that you, as I am looking forward to his contribution. Thank you David.

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  1. Thanks for helping promote the Ignite talk. I’m looking forward to getting you a few posts.

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