Re-focus: Spot the Big Picture


I was engaging in an interesting conversation the other day. A friend of mine was feeling blue. Life sucks big time. I soon understood that my friend was focusing on small obstacles and things that are out of his control. We talked for a while. What was bringing him down? Well it was the little things in life like trouble at work, little sleep, feeling inadequate. I started by asking about what he is proud about so far. Well, my wife, kids, I actually got a great job, my education is good. These are examples of answers that fell upon the table. Yeah I know that it is a blizzard and cold outside. I know that it is the dark season in Norway right now. But there are a lot of things you cannot control, so stop focusing on the cracks in the road.

Open your eyes and take a look at the view.

Sometimes a complaining co-worker can drag you down, other days you got the huge electric bill. You might have a boss that is giving you a hard time. You might hate the weather, and the bus is late. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you feel about the weather. Try whistling in the rain. Try walking with an upbeat joyful body posture in the blizzard when everybody is crouching. It is amazing. Being annoyed at the bus driver for being late will not get you any faster to work. Rather thank him for doing a great job, that might remove his stress and he might get you faster to work. Life is long and some periods might be super boring. This is when you must stop, and move your eyes away from the cracks in the road of life. Take a birds view and look at the long run. You might have a good marriage; your spouse might even love you. When you think about it you might even love your job! Think about why you like stuff in the first place. You might suddenly find yourself moving your eyes from the crack in the road to looking at the scenery of your life. I said to my friend stop looking at the cracks and rocks on your path and look up and around you. What do you see?

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3 Comments on "Re-focus: Spot the Big Picture"

  1. Great post Frode! Really makes you stop and think about what’s important!

  2. Frode,

    The two photos really illustrate your point well.

    What would happen if you had them enlarged and put them up on the wall in your office or meeting room? I was thinking that they might help people stay focused on what’s important during discussions.

  3. Great post Frode! Really makes you stop and think about what’s important!

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