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What is the first thing you think about in the morning, right when your ears connect with your brain to inform you that the alarm clock is ringing? Are you happy? Sad? Or even confused? Today I will write about passion, I do believe passion is one of the top qualities you need to have to become a success at what you do in life. I do not believe a lot of people feel passionate about their jobs, maybe just a few. I want those few to work at my company.

I have always had passion towards my jobs, but not as much as I do right now. Why is that? As so many other employees around the world I have also changed jobs often. I have at most stayed for two and a half years at my earlier jobs. I did not find my passion, still I was very loyal to my employer and I did a great job most of my time. A lot of people work for the money these days. Just because they want more of it, while others need to work to manage the bills. Either way it kills the passion about your job. And you are in the game for the paycheck.

When I first started out in my current job in February 2006, I discovered coaching, I found it very interesting and started reading. Many of these techniques appealed to me as I found them to be close to my natural behaviors. I like to motivate others. I like to make others perform. I like to make them believe in their capabilities. I soon noticed that it was possible to get promotions at this company, so I set my goals for the department manager position. I read more about leading and management and I read even more. My goal was to become what I am today. Why did I succeed? Not because of my goal, that actually gave me the wrong focus. I did however become a coach at my office, trying to teach others to do better than me. And I loved it.

The sudden change of perspective.
I applied to the position twice and did not get it. Then I met another professional coach and after talking to him for a few sessions my goals changed from becoming department leader to becoming the best leader possible. At the next crossroad I got the job. I do still have passion about my job, but the red hot passion is towards leading and motivating others. When someone talks to me about motivation I am on fire, I burn energy like a nuclear plant and I love it.

I try to transfer my passion over to my employees, the passion for the job, the passion for seconds and minutes, and the passion for the customer experience. I want to get them involved in my thinking, I want them to think as they if they where the owner. I want them to think customer care in all aspects of their job. I cannot do that by making them love the office, the company or their co-workers. The only way to make it happen is to make them love the subject, the theories and the field of expertise that they surround themselves with all day long. I can get people to like the company, even love it, even get them to tattoo the logo on their arm, but the passion must be directed at the work itself to really succeed. My passion is to become a really good leader. My company benefit from it. And it makes me love my job, as I get to practice leadership all day long. To get my co-workers fired up about customer support I need to get them passionate about customer care centre solutions, customer management, call centre strategies or even leadership, management and coaching. When you got the passion for a subject you are bound to be good at it sooner or later, and when my office suddenly need a call centre strategies expert, the one might be right among us.

I always read what I write several times before publishing, and this time it got me thinking about what to do to make your employees passionate? The first thing that reaches my brain communication centre is: Library. What if I buy a lot of books on these subjects, and the employees want to read them, it might light a spark. The next thing is “mini board meetings” – Get the most passionate employees together to make the decisions with me, as well as talk about subjects that are in our special field. Do you feel the passion burning when you go to work? If so, why? And I would love to hear about what other leaders think about passion. Please leave a comment.

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