Social Media Service and Food Challenge


At 9:15 today I was starting to get annoyed at the vending machine on the train – as it would not accept my card as a payment method. The machine does accept cards, but it would not work. So I started to get a little curious about customer service in social media. I complained on facebook…

Can I get served please?

Hello? I am hungry – the machine is broken? (“We will fix the machine another day”) – But I am still hungry…

NSB – The Norwegian Train Company
They replied fast to my online frustration to the defective vending machine. And posted a quick follow up asking what train I am on. (Guess it would be more impressive if they could check their systems – as I log in to purchase my tickets) Anyhow, it is a quick response stating that they will check the vending machine. But I as the customer am still hungry. They will solve the machine, but not the customer being hungry? When will they fix the machine? Today or later next week?  – The intention of the service is good, I like the quick reply – but killer service would be if the conductor showed up with a pizza slice and a soda. That would knock my socks off.

Social Media getting Food Challenge.
So I realize that Peppes Pizza have a restaurant in Lillehammer where I will change trains. I will be there for about 10 minutes. Will a “I am hungry”-post on their facebook wall get attention in time? Will I get a pizza delivered to the train station – requesting the pizza from facebook?

NSB is quick on facebook…
I got a reply stating that the malfunctioning vending machine is reported. Hopefully it will work the next time I travel by train. Well good! That problem is solved. The customer is still hungry… 🙂

Still hungry – Pizza fail
Well, just now two minutes ago, the train left Lillehammer – heading for my final destination. No food showed up and my order placed on Peppes facebook page went by in silence.

NSB was quick to react to my request, but they focused on fixing the broken machine instead of the hungry customer. I tried to give my money to the largest pizza chain in Norway, but they failed to pay attention to social media. And me? I am still hungry.

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  1. This is why I love customer service. As a customer service manager – it is easy today to listen to customers. As a customer it is easy to share my frustration. The experiment of today failed, but I find it extremely interesting – and I hope that you and your company might learn a few things from my day as the hungry customer.

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