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Living a healthy lifestyleI write and talk a lot about motivation in my life, one of the hardest things about motivation, if you ask me, is self-motivation. For the past ten years I have been a little tiny bit chubby. I am not ashamed of my body, but I am still going to spare you for a seminude twitter picture. Losing weight has never been a high priority for me, even if I like jogging and exercising. What gave “being in shape” a big drop on my priority scale? Why was everything else more important? This blog post is an example of how I self-reflect.

Yeez…running in rain is exhausting

I ran in the cold Norwegian rain this morning, I ran 2.8 miles about 4,5 kilometer. I rode my new bike about 6.2 miles or a normal mile (10 km). It is cold and wet, but the Norwegian forest in fall is amazing so I get an amazing experience for free. I have been on a very strict healthy diet. And this has been going on for about 8 days now. I lost almost 3 kilos (6.6lbs) in these 8 days. I am thrilled with my results. So to the big problem, how long will I keep on going? This is where motivation enters the stage. Traditionally I have managed similar progress before, but falling in to old habits again. What can I do to permanently change my behavior for a healthier lifestyle?

Working with goals, eliminating obstacles

First of all, I used to have a weight goal reach a weight of x. Then what? Now I need to change my focus, not to achievements but to progress and routines. I have a four week plan now, where I am going to find good and healthy food to replace old bad habits. The food must be quick to make and it most taste good. I am replacing candy with fruit and smoothies. Looking for stuff I like. I used to get blister when I ran before on my feet and in my groin (because am a superfat and my thighs rub against each other when I run… ) I started with eliminating the causes. I stopped by a sport store and talked with the experts, no I am running in the forest like Robin Hood in tights, it is a pretty sight I tell you, and I bought me some expensive special socks for my feet. I have run each day now with no problems at all. Eliminating obstacles is a crucial part to figure out how to succeed.

I use to fall back into old habits; I tried to get started in May this year and ran for about 3 weeks. I failed.. Then it was 5 months until I got started again now. So falling into old habits is not a failure, reducing the gap between efforts is a key to success. If I fail again, I must find a way to get back on track fast.

I have a strong urge for chocolate, this is my weak spot. So far has kiwi and grapes been a good substitute. I have actually no cravings even if the local store is having a huge sale on candy now before Halloween.

No time to exercise has always been a problem. I always got other stuff to do. But I am only fooling myself. When I exercise I get more energy and can save up time by doing other stuff faster. Spending energy is a great way to gain energy. I just need to make this routine more important than other stuff.

The power of will

Those of you that have been reading my blog, knows that true motivation is achieved when you really want something. Positive intrinsic motivation is the best. So what is my intrinsic motivation when it comes to a diet? It is sad to read about how thin and fit people seem to get a head start in their career. Fat people project laziness and thin people project control. I want to be the best I can be and I read a lot. I get several confirmations that my knowledge is unique and that is nice. But do I need to be fit to get to my next level? The media today is hyping about health and fitness all the time, the ideal person is slim and fit. Can I afford to let opportunities go because society is shallow? No I can’t do that. So getting in shape is a vital part of my journey to becoming the best I can. In other words, I really need to prioritize a healthy lifestyle not just for a period of time, but as a normal daily routine. I need a permanent change in my life. How can I talk about motivation if I can’t motivate myself? This is my intrinsic motivation, and I need to remind myself about this.

Self-evaluate and short term goals

In order to succeed I must stop and think, evaluate and find action. I must accept that it will be hard in a few weeks. I must have the tool to remind myself about WHY I am doing this. The power of why has become a mantra in my life after reading Simon Sineks book; Start with why, a must read book by the way. (do take a look at this post, I wrote it after reading his book.) I know why, I am doing this. Now I need to remind myself to read this article once in a while when I am crying in pain, and it is cold and rainy outside.

Write down what is on your mind

I am using this blog post to write down what I am thinking about my lifestyle plan. Writing things down in this way is helping me sort out my thoughts, reflecting on progress and planning for action. You do not need to blog about it; keep it private if you like. Try to identify your challenges, your obstacles and your possibilities and options. It will help to clear your mind and focus. Good luck on achieving your goal.

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to subscribe. Thank you so much for reading, you rock!

Frode Heimen
Motivational Gardener

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2 Comments on "Something about self motivation"

  1. Elizabeth @ Self Motivation | November 28, 2010 at 6:23 am |

    Your post is very inspiring. Self motivation is
    very hard to achieve if you have no determination.
    Everyone can relate to your post. 🙂

  2. Hi Frode,
    I tried many things: running, tennis, volleyball, gym, weights, aerobics, swimming… Nothing ever stuck. Until last year. I now have a dog and he keeps me fit. He’s a border collie/retriever mix and we start our day with a two mile walk. He’s the perfect accountability partner!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here; I can really identify with what you wrote.

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