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In 2011 I created a top 100 leadership blog ranking that got very popular, actually so popular that I wanted to make this an annual event – but this never happened in 2012 –as it was so much work to do and research to be done, I could not find the time. In the meanwhile I have been working on a script that will automate a lot of this work. This script was finished just recently and this year additional (more than 110) blogs have signed up for the competition – with the top 100 from 2011 already in the competition – it just became twice as hard to make it into the list

Who will win this year?

Who will win this year?

Tonight the signup is closing. And tomorrow I will start the script and begin my calculations. And soon the list will be presented. I have really been looking forward for this event since I made the “old” list in 2011. And I love that more than 200 blogs are in the competition – guaranteeing that the top 100 list will be packed with quality blogs. When I look at the contestants… I must say this: The top 200 is already packed with quality content.


Hurry up if you want to sign up!
But do not worry… Even if the 2013 list will be produced now, there will also be a dynamic “live” ranking – where I update a live list each month into the future.


Because I love leadership blogs – Gold knowledge for free – And I believe in sharing knowledge like the rest of these people do.  And I love to find new blogs and find new people sharing what they love.


By creating a ranking matrix that consider nine different factors I have managed to create a list that really give the good blogs a good score – success is measurable.


I have moved the list out of my blog to a separate domain – I have set up the domain: – Le Bl In – Leadersip Blog Index. Because I want to separate the competition from my own blog and I want to have the right traffic to the right place. I do not want my blog to be known for the top 100 list, I want my blog to be known for its contents.


The list will start up as a top 100 leadership blog ranking award for 2013 – and already the next month the “live” ranking will start. Creating a list that will update frequently.  I hope that you will enjoy this service – because I think it will be surprisingly good.


Now – soon, in a few days. During this weekend or as fast as possible, I will work hard to get the results out as fast as possible – Check and make sure to follow @Leblin100 on Twitter.

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