Step 11: Be a good example.


You are surrounded by co-workers up to eight to ten hours a day. When you are awake, you will see more of your colleagues than of your wife, friends and family. You might have employees that look your way during the same time. If you have a choice, choose to be a good example. Why? You say. Well I will tell you the importance of being a good example right here in step 11 of my 12 easy steps to become a great employee. Be a good example.

Positive influence!
There is always someone that, no matter how unimportant you might feel, is looking your way. They pick up on what you say. If you have worked in a company for a while you will have new employees that think that you know it all. If you are a manager, everything you say is analyzed to find the true meaning of your message. If you have people around you, either at home or at work, you will spread your mood and it will be contentious. If you are positive you will have positive co-workers. This is of course not just black and white but the general idea proves itself over and over again in the office landscape. And why you should stay positive is….

Negativity is a plague.
Negativity is like the flu. It spreads as soon as someone is within ten feet of your frown. Positivity does not spread as fast as negativity. People love to be negative by nature, as it gives us something to complain about. That is why you need to try to stay positive around other people. I prefer having positive and happy people around me, and I believe that you also prefer going to job where positive people work. And yes you can be a part of the process to keep the spirit up.

Positive/Negative is that all?
No. That was just the basics. When baking or cooking you always have a basic recipe. The stuff you put in afterwards make all the difference. To be a true good example you’ll need to follow the office rules. Dress according to your job. You should consider how you dress, especially if you interact with customers. No offending text or images. Leave your statements at home. It is nice to have an opinion of your own, but at work, you represent a company and should therefore promote the company opinion. Who sets a good example at your job? Can you learn from this person?

Falling from the top.
I once got the advice: “Treat people good on your way up, because you might meet them on your way down.” – You might not be remembered by everyone if you have a positive self, but be sure, you’ll be remembered if you are negative. I had an employee approaching me after I just had a job interview with an upstanding young man; he told me, do not hire him under any circumstance, he was his boss earlier and he was an …hole according to my employee. And of course he did not get the job.

Show up on time. According to a survey held at my office, 30 % are negatively influenced by people arriving late for work. So if you turn up late, 30 % of your co-workers are so annoyed at you that it might result in a worse performance by them. I bet that if everybody managed to be on time, the mood indicator might go straight to bright green.

I am not telling people not to drink, I even have a beer or two(five – who said that??) on suitable occasions. This paragraph is mostly directed to managers, team leaders or anybody that is standing above the first step of the career ladder. Do not get drunk at social events. A boss underneath the table before midnight is never a pretty sight. Do take part and have fun, but know your limits.

Turn on your radar.
Have a focus on negativity tendencies; know when your alarm should go off. Turn on your radar. Everybody in a work sphere is responsible for good work conditions, not just the manager. If you hear negative conversations, do not take part of them unless you can focus on the positive. If the mood is dropping around you, do something to lift the spirit. Yes you are allowed to praise your fellow co-workers. It should be in your best interests to fight negativity, since you spend so much time at work during each day. Do never ever badmouth your co-workers. If you have problems talk to your manager.

So all in all, remember that what you do and say and what you don’t do and don’t say it will all have some impact on other people around you. That is all you need to know actually, and if you think about it, how would your dream co-worker act? (That should give you a clue.)

“Negativity is like a contentious virus, positivity is the cure, which should be injected as a vaccine up front.” – Me

What do you do to be the good example to others?

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