Step 4: Work with goals all the time.


This post is an in depth article about each step of the “12 easy steps to become a great employee” post, today I am going to tell you why you should work with goals all the time. When a ship sets of to sail, it has a purpose with its journey. It is trying to go from A to B with a certain amount of time. Would you like to be a passenger on the ship if the captain did not know where to go? Or had no plan at all but to sail? Why should you go to work without a plan or a goal?

My goal: Get through the day!
This is not a goal, this is a red signal saying quit your job, and find something new. Your job will be more fun if you work with just a few goals making your goal planning into a high score ranking. Not all jobs are easy to measure. I once worked at a dock sorting fish in sizes. This was a non-challenging monotonous job that was easy and boring, but we made it fun by keeping track of our records. The most fun day ever was when we broke the record standing for several months; we managed to because we were so motivated that the only break we took that day was a 10 minute lunch break. And it was about time the place where challenged. We had a top 10 days with the amount and date. And we celebrated each time we managed to put in a top 10 performance.
Three degrees of goals.
If you work with sales it is easy to work with goals. Create a sheet with top 10 numbers of sales, and a top 10 high revenue score. At the same time set limitations. What is an acceptable day? How many customers and what revenue is the least acceptable day? The second goal should be the same adjusted for when you can go home and know that you did a really great job that day. The last goal should be a little higher; if you reach it you can celebrate. If you manage to reach the first goal all the time you need to adjust. This goal should be reached 3 out of 5 days, the next goal once a week and the last goal, so high that you manage one or two times a month.
At the call centre where I work it is easy to use goals:
Goal one: 40 answered calls a day.
Goal two: 50 answered calls a day.
Goal three: 60 answered calls a day.
Remember to adjust if it becomes too easy. And do keep a high score chart posted somewhere in sight.
Aim for values and self development instead of a position.
I have worked my way up at my current job, receiving two promotions in just one year. Early on I noticed that it is possible to get promoted at this company, and I set my goal on department leader as I found that a natural goal for me. I started to aim and worked really hard. I applied to the position and did not get it. Then I met a great professional coach in Jan Ramsøy. My goal changed from becoming a department leader to becoming the best possible leader. I was suddenly free from a focus on a position or a company or other things that may be out of my control. The company could disappear; the position could vanish because of structural changes within the company. I suddenly saw my goal much clearer; “I want to be the best leader” I started to read much more and focused on leadership methods and theory. I started to focus at the people around me and started to become the best leader they could wish for, without being their leader at all. I started to motivate others, I cared more about them and I developed a clear path. The next time I applied to this position I got it. Or as I like to say, I started to perform and the rest did follow.
The position itself is of no importance as I could easily lose my job for any reason, but my leadership skills cannot be taken away from me, they will continue to grow as I get closer to my goal, being the best leader possible.
“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” ~Harry S. Truman
Think about this; if I have a goal to become the CEO of a company and I reach it. Then what? Well I reached my goal, and I got a great new title to flash around. And I got to my position because I wanted that position. What if I reach my goal and become the best leader in the world? That’s it I am the best leader in the world. I could be a team leader with the most productive and happy team ever at a small company or I could be the new head manager of an international huge company? Either way I would be happy? If I continue to develop myself as a leader the rest will follow.
Evaluate all the time.
When you work with goals you’ll need to find time to reflect and evaluate. The whole point is to keep adjusting. A great Norwegian book called “Ona Fyr” (The Ona Lighthouse) tells me that a goal should be like a lighthouse, it is a guide along your path showing where you are going. But the destination is not the lighthouse itself, you are supposed to pass the lighthouse and keep going further on your journey of your potential, and aim for the next lighthouse ahead.
Tip of the day: Keep on reading, one of the next blog updates will be a guest post from an award winning blogger.

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