Step 5: Reflect and speak to your coach.


Lately I have been taking a dive into my post: 12 easy steps to become a great employee. It is quite easy to write 12 steps to anything, but I think that my readers deserve more attention, so I started to write more in depth on each of the twelve steps, bringing me to step 5: Reflect and speak to your coach.

Do you have a coach?
Have you ever seen a professional football team without a coach? Do you want to be professional within you own career? Well, get yourself a coach. There is a lot of professional coaches around the world, having a session with a professional coach might change your life. But you do not need a solution that cost a lot of money. Establish a friendship with a co-worker, and arrange meetings from time to time. These meetings should have a focus on self development and you should reflect about the time spent since last meeting.

Buy a book.
The first and best tip I can give you if you are curious about coaching is to buy a book. I consider reading one of my most important sources of knowledge.

How to reflect?
Friday is the day of the week where most people are thinking about the weekend. I use Fridays to think about the last five days. What did I do right? What did I do wrong? Could I have done something different? Could I have done something to influence the results or happiness of my employees? What can I do next week that I did not do this week? Can I do something over again? What should next week look like? Am I ok? Am I heading in the right direction? What are my goals? Am getting closer?

Use one hour each Friday to do active reflection work. Start by writing down everything you can think of, just keep on writing nonstop for 15-20 minutes. If you do not know what to write, write “I do not know what to write right now” – By doing this exercise you will end up writing down your thoughts. These writings are for you only, so you do not need to apply censorship to please anybody.

Prove and Improve.
If you can prove to yourself where you stand right now, you are able to improve as well. This reflection part is actually part of step four also, since working with goals requires reflection and coaching. Did you reach your goal? Is there anything you can do to be more equipped to reach your goal during next week? You can make a Friday piece of paper. Add questions you’ll need to ask yourself each Friday to keep the focus on the same things. Take good care of these papers as it can be nice to review them later to see if you make any progress.

Five sessions that improves your life.
There could be a greater value to spend some money on a professional coach. It might help you to see much clearer about things. The amount of time necessary depends on you and the coach, as well on how much you feel that you can spend. A friend is nice to have, but they do not necessary know how to open your door to self improvement.

Why should we improve? I feel great as it is!
What’s up with all this coaching mumbo jumbo? I feel fine where I am at, you might think. And that is great. You are great just being you, but all humans have unlocked potentials to almost anything. I recommend an open mind around coaching topics, as it might surprise you. Even thou you say the opposite; all humans are thirsty for knowledge. Do you know why you are happy with how things are right now? Maybe you will learn how to secure this happiness in the future? What you want to achieve with coaching is pretty much up to you.

I assume my readers read this blog because they are ambitious and want to evolve as humans and leaders. Do you see a professional football player without a coach? Well if you want to be a pro at what you are doing a coach might be the answer.

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford

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