Step 7: Learn and share.


Learn and share

What is the point of learning if you can’t share your new acquired knowledge? As a strong contribution to happiness at work, learning and sharing is mighty important to secure a great work atmosphere. That’s why I am now writing about step 7 of my 12 easy steps to become a great employee.

Human basics: Learning.
Have you ever learned something new, and felt bad afterwards? Chances are you will say “no” to my question, as long as your name is not Robert Oppenheimer. The human mind loves to learn and the only thing that might block the learning center is your attitude. Whenever you learn something new you feel happier, you end up with better self confidence that in turn again leads to you wanting to learn more. So open up and welcome new knowledge.

Human basics: Sharing.
A lot of people are afraid of sharing their knowledge. I still do not know why. Companies hide their future plans from their employees; employees do not get to view the numbers. Big secrets roam the company hallways like cancer. One of the most successful marketing campaigns in Norway came from a cleaning lady at a company where everybody shares. I am a strong believer in sharing. First of all the reason is again human basics. When you share, you will feel useful. Your life has a meaning. When you teach other people you will feel that your knowledge is useful. That again leads to you feeling useful. If you got atomic knowledge you might not feel too useful sharing this knowledge with everybody, but pretty much in all other industries or companies sharing and teaching will improve your self esteem.

Human basics: The good circle.
So now you know what learning might do to you, and you know what sharing will do to you. So what impact do you think this have upon others? First of all, you have learned something. Great! Then you share it with someone! Super! And that someone get to learn something. So if you share, others will learn. If you share, other will boost their self confidence and gain a good feeling within them.

What to learn?
My answer is whatever. The best thing for your career might be to learn something about your trade or markets. But what you learn is not important, that you learn is. I am currently reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. (Yes, I know that I am STILL reading this book, but it is really thick.) Here I learn about why Eurasians civilizations ended up conquering others, and not the other way around, based on environmental differences. Only by sharing the fact that I am reading a Pulitzer Prize winning book, I am feeling a little more intellectual, giving me a boost in self confidence. As long as I am not attending a quiz show, I see no other direct use for this knowledge. But what if you ended up reading this book, because I told you it is great. And it gave you a whole new perspective about life and you did thank me for this great book tip. Well then I would be proud as well, giving me even more good vibes, knowing that when I share, other will learn and enjoy.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” – Margaret Fuller

What have you learned lately? Feel free to share by leaving a comment.

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