Step 8: Grab that ball!


For each step, I get one step closer to the upcoming guest post. Step 9 of 12 easy steps to become a great employee, is written by an award winning blogger, and I am looking forward to publish this post tomorrow. But first let’s concentrate about step 8: Grab that ball. It’s really about accepting challenges and changes.

The basketball at my office!
I have a basketball lying in my office. And I use it whenever I am talking about challenges. I like to compare the ball with a challenge. If you have seen how a basketball game is started you’ll know what I mean. I want people around me that grab that ball, want the ball and scores as a team. Then I throw the ball at someone in the crowd, in most cases they are unprepared and drop the ball, creating a fun moment where everybody wakes up.

Accept changes.
People that grab the ball, play according to their best abilities, and they adapt to the other players and they adapt to the manner the game is played. That is the kind of employee you need to be. If you can accept changes you will survive at your job. I have never worked anywhere without changes, and every time major changes occurs, someone decides to quit. When we plan changes today we need to calculate that someone will quit. I find it hard to believe how rigid some people are.

No good tip to the matter!
I have no good advice here only a strong recommendation: Be positive to changes. If you do not agree, give good feedback with alternative solutions or ideas. Do not mope around and be an office grump if you do not agree, than you only become a “problem” for your manager or a challenge that needs to be handled, and you do not need to be the focus of negative energy from the one that hire or fire you. If the changes are so ground breaking that you feel the need to quit, that might actually be the best thing to do. But still keep your attitude positive toward your fellow co-workers, because somewhere out there someone are positive about the changes, and they do not need to become negative, just because you are. If you decide to quit, be positive about it, say stuff like; I feel that this is the right time. And do not say that you quit because you are tired of the damn changes all the time. There is no need to drag everybody down if you can’t handle it.

Attitude is everything.
When it comes down to accepting changes and dealing with new challenges, attitude is the main skill you’ll ever need. As long as you stay positive and believe that it will work, it most likely will. If you are negative and believe it won’t work, it most likely won’t. This is something that might get down to the core of your soul. But I do believe that when you wake up in the morning, you always have a simple choice; to be a yes person or a no person.

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome.” – William James

So be optimistic…
There are a lot of pessimistic people all around the world. If you are one of them, you’ll need to change your attitude. After all it is just a choice you’ll need to take, do you want to grab that ball?

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2 Comments on "Step 8: Grab that ball!"

  1. Hi Steve.
    it can ultimately cause them to lose their job.” – You nailed it. This is why I want to see attitude in people and then be a part of the solution and not the problem.

    I just bought myself new bottles of red wine today so cheers to good attitude. 🙂

  2. Frode

    Your paragraph about “Attitude” is very, very, true.

    Managers want to hear when there is a problem; but they also want to hear suggested solutions.
    People who continually bring problems without solutions soon become a burden on managers and others in the work group. And, from my experience, it can ultimately cause them to lose their job.


    Because they are not helping with results and, at the same time, are making their colleagues miserable.

    Here’s to a good attitude!

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