The best deck of cards ever!


Great leadership cardsI happened to come across a very interesting deck of cards a while back, and after finding myself drawn to this website over and over again, I decided to order one. And to my pleasant surprise they arrived within few days in my mailbox, (the real one attached to my fence outside). I knew I was really looking forward for these cards, not because a deck of cards is what I need, but because of the messages on this particular set. Self coaching tips, 52 of them, one for each week of the year.

Take a look at these awesome cards

Great advice on each 52 of themLook at the 5 of diamonds, “Do I regularly connect with my staff? Do I know how they are doing outside of work? Did he win his match? How was her weekend? Do I know all the birthdays of my staff? Am I showing that I really care?” – One of my personal favorites are the queen of hearts; “Do new team members feel welcome and paid attention to? How can we plan their arrival better in the future?

Color Overview

Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds not a deck of cards without them. This deck however is divided into four important areas of people management.

represent tips about growth of staff.

Spades covers appraisals and motivation.

Hearts is about knowledge, planning and organizing.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and as important as diamonds People management.

I really love this deck of cards. There is one drawback, they are paper quality so they might get ragged when used a lot. But if you use them as a leadership tool and pull out one card per week you are in for a treat. The good news, aces are well deserved breaks. When I brought these to work, they created some fun and smiles as well. Buy one for all of your leaders and performance will increase.

You can order this amazing deck of cards from or you can order them from Amazon as well.

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  1. I always have the deck to hand. Good for me and my clients!

  2. I agree – I often use these cards with my coaching clients – they really work!

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