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bestofsignThis is my blog post number 100 and I have celebrated by spending some time reading all my other 99 posts to find the ones I would like to recommend for you. This has resulted in a new page on my blog called the best of my blog At this page you will find a lot of post with a lot of dust on them like books in a forgotten section of a library they have ended up in the internet wasteland. I have also listed the most popular post, the posts I like the best. They are all categorized for you, so you will easier find something interesting.

I started blogging in June 2008 and some of these posts have only been available for my first readers, I hope you will enjoy this and celebrate my blog post number 100 with me today.

Some blogging history
– Blog founded at 16.6.2008
– 1000 visitors at 20.7.2008
– My first 50 posts at 20.9.2008
– My first 5000 visitors at 01.04.2009
– My first 100 posts at 18.04.2009

I would like to thank you all for finding time to stop by my blog. Keep reading friends. Read the top list here

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5 Comments on "The best of my blog top list"

  1. Hi, it is a good achievement, Blogging is a good in a sense that it keeps us updated with every hours. It is also an interesting that you have just 1000 visitors it rose up to 5 times more with just 50 posts, Hope it may be near to 10000 this time.

  2. Frode Heimen | April 19, 2009 at 1:15 pm |

    Hi BlurryLeo, That is so right! Small goals and milestones is always worth a celebration 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting at my blog.

  3. Gratz on reaching the 100th post. Every milestone is always worth a celebration 😉

    BlurryLeo’s last blog post..Stir Fry Capsicum with Baby Corn

  4. Frode Heimen | April 19, 2009 at 6:57 am |

    Hi Kenwooi, thank you. Nice to see you on my blog, keep reading 🙂

  5. congrats on reaching the 100th entry!
    i’l still a long way for me.. haha..
    all the best! =)

    kenwooi’s last blog post.."Go Green" Virus Infection

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