The creation of Adventor CRM


2017 – what a year! I have been writing on this blog for 10 years this year. Some years I have been very productive, while others have been slow – well on writing at least. In August last year I wrote a piece about building pyramids, and this one got myself into thinking. One of the things I love about writing. What was my pyramid? Well I am now happy to announce what my pyramid is, and why I have been quietly coding since then. This January of the year 2017 – I am launching Adventor CRM.

board1I love customer service and I love to code and develop web solutions. When I wrote about building the pyramid it suddenly hit me – my passion is in creating great customer service tools – and a few days later the Adventor idea was born.

Adventor is latin for “The one that arrives” or the guest if you like. Advento is latin for moving forward, keep on marching and advance. What a good name for my product, the name itself represents my view upon customers and how important they are for any business.

The company is up and running and ready to go as of few days ago. I have a team of developers that will transform my prototype into a working product.

I have NO business plan at all…I am just left with the passion. It is all about doing. (Well, my plan has kind of shaped itself during 10 years of writing this blog) (almost true 😉 – I know why I am doing this, and what I want to achieve)

I know that there are a lot of competition in this branch of business, so we have to be smarter and better. But first of all we need to transform customer service knowledge into effective solutions. My 20+ years of experience and 10 years of writing makes a good foundation to prove what I want to create. Creating great value for you is what it is all about.

I have made call center employees up to 60 % more effective in my career – I will use this knowledge and focus on creating faster, easier, more user friendly and accessible solutions. It is time to walk the walk and start creating tools that your staff will love.

Luck is also on my side, I have a great partner in 4 developers from my old home town of Kristiansand – people I know, people who have worked with me before at the best call center in Norway. They have great knowledge of customer service, they know my philosophy and they are great developers.

I am not quitting my day job

I want to be a facilitator, I want to use my knowledge, and I want to get out of the way. I love my day job and I have wonderful co-workers. Jumping ship and sailing on my own is not an option I am considering now. If I get a few customers – great! If I get 15-20 I must hire a manager to take it to the next level. I have one requirement – board members, management, staff and partners must to a certain degree share my passion for the customers. Because at the end of the day – all I want to do is make your customers happy.

I am looking for customers too – eventually anywhere in the world.  But first I will start in Norway to get rolling. However, if you are interested in discussing solutions with me, please get in touch. If you have more than 30-40 employees, you can probably get us to jumpstart internationally – and I will make you a great deal.

This will also bring a new dimension to my blog – a startup adventure. It might crash, it might fly – probably won’t burn but it will be fun. I will keep you updated as we stumble, fall, rise, run, laugh, cry and walk into the future of CRM solutions.

You can visit here – Still just in Norwegian for now.

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