The mind game – How to tune your head right! Never mind the troll!

Never Mind the Troll

Never Mind the Troll

Business is a game with winners, losers, spectators and participants. It is your choice if you want to be a part of this game or not. But if you want to join the competition you mind should be tuned in correctly if you want to succeed beyond just being a participant. So what does it take to succeed as an employee in almost any kind of business?

Chose wisely!
If you are young, looking for your first job, or if you are hiring young people make sure that they now their choices. This is education vs full time job in most cases. You might hire people that work for five or six months and then move across the country to attend school. The first thing they need to be thought is the value of good curriculum vitae. Short term commitments are often something you might need to explain at your future job interviews, at least if they are frequent.

Work with 3 or 5 year plans.
I have been working at the same company for a little more than 3 years now. I have an easy 5 year plan that first of all is about staying power. I want to work for the same employer for at least 5 years, and then somewhere around February 2011 I will sit down and decide if I am close to a crossroad or not. This does not mean that I am going to quit, but I am going to evaluate at that point. I see a lot of people quitting when promotions or new challenges are close.

Be positive
Being positive is one of the skills that is closest to my heart. There is so much power in positive energy and on the other hand hard breaks on negativity. Smile, care about the people you work with, help others and give lots of positive feedback.

Follow the rules of the game
If you have a leader that tells you what goes and what don’t make sure you follow the advice all the time. As a leader you should produce a Like/don’t like list. Following this advice is your choice. I disapprove of employees engaging in of topic activities when talking to customers on the phone, like surfing the internet, reading a magazine or playing minesweeper. And when I see this around the office, someone chose to not follow my lead; I think this is unwise for future reference. Why did you lose your job? – Uhm, I was playing too much minesweeper when talking to my customers on the phone.

So to your brain.
Your brain is preloaded with a little troll that sits around and feed you with negative comments. If you sit down at a bench where a lot of people pass, and you focus on listening to this troll you will most likely notice peoples bad haircuts, and oh my, is she really wearing that in public? He was ugly. If your mind goes: “Ah.. that was a beautiful dress, this looks like a nice man, love that hat, she must be a great chef.” – You must be one of the rare people born with the no troll syndrome.

This troll loves rumors, water cooler gossip, bad news, negative discussions and cruelty.

If someone talk to you about Clara, telling you that she is strange, and hard to work with because she talks thru her nose and smells funny and make stupid suggestions. You probably have an image of Clara in your head right now, and you have not even met her yet. Most likely you see a person dressed in a style you disapprove of, she might be bad looking and your troll make sure that this image should stick in you archives. And when you meet here for the first time the troll runs to the archives and pulls out a giant checklist, yep, she smells funny, checked. Yep the nose thing checked. Yep! Did you hear! She did say something stupid as well checked. Confirmed! Archive this under S for Strange.

And the troll challenges you whenever negativity is in the air. Did you hear that, I bet you agree, and I bet you can top this with even more vomit? But there is a cure. You can train your brain to cage the troll every time it moves.

Never mind the troll
You need to sit down and “listen” to you own thoughts and how it reacts on negativity. And then try to talk to the troll to prove it wrong. A good exercise is to sit down at a park or a bench in a crowded place and look at people, notice the ones that make you feel bad, or the ones that trigger your troll. In the beginning at your own, and after a while bring a friend, and listen to what happens when your friend notices something negative. Try to talk in an ultra positive matter and an ultra negative matter. Experience the difference.
Focus on the positive stuff like Clara’s pretty blue eyes, and her clever presentation. When you get to a certain level of awareness you will manage to react before the troll tries to influence you. If you hear other talk negative, focus on the positive, if you hear other talk negative about someone not present, block it out. Think for yourself that you are not allowed to tease my troll with this; I am in my own right of making up my own opinion. After a while of doing this you will soon notice who is most negative around you, and then focus your positive energy to try to influence their negative mood.

You can’t make it
The troll is also feeding on defeats. I told you so, you cannot make it. You are weak. You are in the wrong place, you are tired, you fail, you flunk and you are not going to succeed. And the troll is very supportive when you are feeling down. This is also something you can train your mind to recognize and fight. It is not easy and it may take a long time. But you will be able to cage the troll
In this video you will see the troll in action and yes it is caged.

You can start this exercise right now. If you listen to your troll right now, it is probably trying to convince you that this post is a heap load of crap! CAGE THAT TROLL NOW! 🙂 (What did your troll tell you?)

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  1. Frode Heimen | April 23, 2009 at 4:08 pm |

    Hi. Being positive is the key to a lot in life. If you read “Are you ready to succeed..” by Rao Srikumar, you will learn a lot about positive thinking. Keep on reading, and thank you for the comment.

  2. This is a great article on using your head right especially on businesses. Not only for that, this article contributes a lot on personal development especially the section that you said: “Be Positive”.

    personal development’s last blog post..WHAT ARE SOME REALLY GOOD STRESS AND ANGER RELIEVERS?

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