The Office Grand Prix


The mood indicator bar, if such exists, drops to the floor once in a while. Everybody seems tired and sad. Such phenomenon does happen in almost all work places from time to time. If one person is feeling down one day, he can drag the whole office down the blues. When this happens it happens fast and just within hours. To prevent this from happening I believe strongly in having fun activities at the office. One of the best investments I have ever done in this matter is buying a race track for about $100. We have so far arranged The Office Grand Prix twice. They race two and two until we have a final. This was a wonderful mood booster, instantly raising the mood through the roof.  

After we raced it the first time, all other departments urged to borrow it, achieving the same results. If you have never experienced this at your office you must try it out.

What do you do for fun at the office?

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