The One and Only True Motivation.


If there is one article all people should read, it is Why “Motivation by Pizza” Doesn’t Work (Mandatory reading) from the Chief Happiness Officer blog. I have used this theory at work almost fanatical. It is a great way to learn about true motivation. I have made a presentation based on this article trying to teach my fellow co-workers what makes them tick.

Short summary the best motivation is when it is something you want by yourself without any price for doing the task.

Take a look at this cartoon, which I think says it all:

Should we then stop giving prices or bonuses? No, I do not think so…

The same day, as I read this article for the first time, I decided to divide the department into four teams. I created team competitions, with a price to the winning team. With inspiration from the happy hour book, I gave each team a task with a positive twist towards the others teams. For example: All members on team A must during this week talk one on one with all members of team B. The conversation should be positive, and the team members must find one positive thing to say about the other team. Team C should encourage team D to keep the office tidy by example and so on. The results would then be decided by them all, after talking free about last week. If anybody said; I think it was very tidy last week; team C would get a point. We also had competitions with a price to the winning team, answering the most calls. I felt that this gave the team members the right kind of motivation, as they want their team to win. So instead of giving a price to one single person, a whole team won.

I want to win or I want to win the price.

There is a great difference. If anybody wonders if the article on Alex’s blog has a point, I’ll say YEAH! My price was to see the enthusiasm of my co-workers. I strongly recommend the book: and also the recently mentioned great article about motivation. All you have to do is read and learn. I sure did, and I found gold.

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