The positive power of applause


Today I am presenting an easy to implement tool to boost work morale, mood and fun around the office. Just give your co-workers or employees the true joy of applause. We got one kind of activity that we manages to complete ten to fifteen times a day, and for each employee that manages to complete this task, gets to put a magnet on a white board to symbolize that we are getting closer to the goals of fifteen completed tasks. And for each person standing up we cheer and applaud. Sometimes we fail to notice it in all the other havoc resulting in one or two clapping their hands all red, but those times when everyone cheers and join in is priceless. The mood rise like a rocket and people is laughing; even the customers is wondering why we are cheering and gets amused. It is a win win win win situation for everybody.

So the challenge of today is to find a reason to make applause a part of your day at work! Try to give a great applause to someone that just enters the room, they will feel GREAT! And you will feel great, and all others that clap hands will feel great. Clapping your hands should replace happy pills as a drug, it is so effective.

So let’s sit back and imagine what it would feel like to be Spanish at Ernst Happel Stadium during the final in Euro 2008. I know that I got sucked into all the joy, as I was standing just about 20 feet away from the Spanish crowd this day.

And for those that have no interest in soccer, let’s take a look at Michael Jordan’s last game and standing ovation. Imagine being in this crowd feeling all this positive energy! WOW!

So if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands or should it be if you’re in need of happiness clap your hands?   Have a super fantastic day!

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