The Social Importance of Building a Pyramid


family-1466262_640We are all individuals in a larger social group. What is more important, the individual or the society? When it comes to politics this is an ongoing debate, and will always be an ongoing debate. Should the individual serve the state or the state serve the individual? In order to pinpoint my question I need to ask, what is more important; the results and achievements of you or the company you work at?

I have to keep books in boxes in my garage because I have no more room in my bookshelf. I have spent hours, weeks and months improving my own knowledge. I have strengthen my own career, taking classes, writing and engaging in self-growth activities. Would I do a better job if I spend that time working at the office instead? Am I delusional thinking that I become better at work when I spend so much time not working?

Would I become who I am by just working, spending one to two more hours at work every day? Would I get the knowledge I have now, if I solved a few more issues at work or replied to a few more emails? I have spent weeks and months on writing my book. I worked on and off for years. If I put the same time into improving office policy and routines and creating a better handbook for my staff, what would be the result?

It is a paradox, or a chicken and egg discussion, is it not? I spend a lot of effort to become better at what I do, at the cost of actually getting better results. I am like an architect planning how to build a pyramid, thinking it would probably be a better way. I would run to the library, consult other pyramid builders and spend 20 years on becoming a great pyramid builder. In the meantime, some faro dude would gather many people and just build one on the go. Who would be the best pyramid builder?
I would probably stand there with my blueprints and criticize the faro for the way he treated his slaves… because that is not how you get results.

Wow – cue my life altering moment of clarity…

Maybe I should stop searching for more knowledge now, just be pleased with my current wisdom and acknowledge that I have the skills to build my own pyramid. When I retire, I can look at my glorious pyramid with awe. I can put my arm around my son and say – I built this pyramid, now it is yours! He would look at me and ask why – why father did you not use limestone?

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