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I talk a lot about motivation at my office. Motivation and what tick all of us off is a topic I find very interesting. When talking about motivation, I always talk about money, “I want to”, looking at the big picture, values and so on. I have read a lot about motivation and agree with those who say that it is not the pay or bonuses that motivate us. “I would work my butt off for 250.000 $ a year” – people say to me. Great I say, will it make you happy? Will you be equaled more efficient? I do not think so.

At work I talk about 4 kinds of motivation*, as I have learned only one truly work, and that if it is something you truly in your soul want to achieve. If you truly want to do the best job, or if you truly want to work for some company, then is when you will succeed.
The big picture.
To truly understand and get motivated, you have to look at the big picture. Your job does not only affect you. What you create and do during a day can affect a lot of other people. What if your job is to sell and you promise the customer something the company can’t hold? In some companies that could cost a lot of time, effort and money to correct. And if the customer is pissed as well, chances are great that his friends and network knows about it. When you understand how your work affects others you will see a greater value of your work.
The fabulous four…
– I want to be best, because I’ll get a check for a 1000$ – how big must the sum be next time, for you to do your work just as good? What if your boss says, sorry no bonus this time? If you think about it this won’t work, sure for a short period of time, but not in the long run.
– I need to provide results, unless I will be fired, that is some kind of strange twist to a motivation. This explains itself. Well I think it will motivate you, but also scare the heck out of you; I truly hope no one has to work this way.
– I understand why I need to do this, but I really do not like it. – This is half way there. At least you try, but if this is the case, quit your job.
I want to be the best. This is the only motivation that will get you anywhere. Do you think the great athletes get to where they are because someone is a great motivator for them? No, I think they have great advisers that teach them how to reach the “I want it” motivation, and achieving these goals is the award itself.
The change of perspective.
When I started working at my company, I started out at customer support on the phone. I thought this is a big company; it is possible to get a promotion here. I want a promotion. I worked for it. I got promoted to team leader after a while. I really wanted to be the department leader. That became my goal. I was focused, applying twice, with sorry, someone else got hired. Then one day I read about motivation on Internet, I read some books, I had a talk with a great coach. And then it all came together. I do not want to be department leader, who the hell want to be a department leader? My goal totally changed. I now want to be the greatest leader in the world. WOW! That is thinking big, just as a great book told me to, dear to have hairy goals. I have one hairy goal; Become the best leader in the world. So what happened? I started filling my head with values and abilities. I read a lot, I tried it out and it seems to work. The next time I applied I had to get the job, because I was creating something they wanted. I do not think I am the best leader in the world, but If I become a little bit better every day, it will take me somewhere.
So personal development you say?
The worker: Does the job, and get paid, goes home and still want a rise? Why?

The valuemaker: Do the job great, share the knowledge, make others happy, teach them selves to do more tasks, go home, think, read and re-fill, creating more values, adding more abilities. Filling the body with values, and don’t think about the paycheck. So the next time the board discusses pay. They will think. The worker, well he does his job great, deserve a normal annual rise. The valuemaker put him in a position where the board says, we can’t afford to lose him, give him a great rise.

Create value.
If you sell TV’s, learn how to sell washing machines. Read about the products, learn them, and know more about them than others. Take an extra sales course. Care about your co-workers, pour the coffee, learn about motivation, and motivate your fellow co-workers. Learn about great work environments, and implement it at your place. You do not have to be boss, to do this. And the stuff you learn, share it, teach new co-workers your tricks.
Learn about the entire company, understand how stuff work. Do other departments need help? What if the washing machine sales dep. has a campaign? They are overcrowded with customers, and all of a sudden you got the knowledge and can help create happy customers. When they need a TV, they’ll come to you.
Hey! Do you think that would be a great co-worker?

* Highly influenced by “why motivation by pizza doesent work

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