Time for fun at the office again!


There has been a long summer around my office with a heavy work load on all employees. High stress and hectic days have been the rule, and fun and joy came second. Now things are better, good old times of control are coming back to us. So it is time to be creative about fun at work. I have been using google lately to find good pointers to great fun. The keywords here are a lot of fun for 40 people at a minimum cost, as there is no fun in the budget. I am thinking my brain out, but I do not get any good ideas at this very moment. So what is better than asking you? Do you have any good ideas? What have you done, that worked? I found some English web sites to some actors that could stage a “murder at the office” event. This cost a lot, and I cannot find a Norwegian equal. But I love the idea, getting the employees to solve some classic “murder” at the office. Flying a group of English actors to Norway would get me fired half way over the Nordic sea. So if anyone know of a low budget do it yourself solution it would be great.

Painting on the wall? I have a large white wall; I am considering finding a local artist to paint the wall in whatever motive the artist would prefer. This would also cost money, so since the budget says “Fun at the office: 0” – I’ll keep looking.

I want an activity that would involve all 40 employees, not necessary at one time, that is a lot of fun and cost almost nothing. Any ideas? Please share!

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