Top 10 business and leadership blogs.


I have decided to give you a top 10 list of my favorite blogs. I have rated them from the best at the top and in order by my preferences. All these blogs are recommended reading for any leader around the world, and if you follow these blogs frequently you will learn a lot. Enjoy.

  1. All things workplace. allthingsworkplace
    Steve Roeslers great blog is a natural nr 1 for me, I am a steady reader of his blog, and more or less everything he writes is useful. All leaders should include this blog in their bookmarks. It is frequently updated and it has quality discussions following the posts. I have learned a lot from Steve, and probably will continue to learn from him in the future. A must for your RSS reader.
  2. The Happiness Project
    happinessprojectThe second place and a challenger to the number one spot goes to this blog by Gretchen Rubin is a must for all bookmarks. Her blog is well written. This is truly a great blog. It is easy to understand why this one is so popular. You should subscribe to this blog. This is a wise lady that have a great blog.
  3. Chief happiness Officer
    positivesharingI started reading Alexander Kjerulfs great blog when I first came across his mandatory reading for all: Happy Hour is 9 to 5. Since then I have been a fan of his philosophy, fun at work is essential. If you have yet not read his book, you should right now. This dane sure knows how to have fun at work. And yes, fun at work is essential.
  4. Slow Leadership
    This blog has a lot of content with high quality. I do not read all of it, but I follow the blog updates and there is a lot of interesting stuff. It has a interesting style, and challenge your own ideas. This is a blog that you won’t agree to everything and that is a major plus. This blog have multiple authors, where Peter Vajda stand out as my favorite
  5. Extreme Leadership
    Steve Farber have been blogging for years and his blog have a lot of readers, and it is easy to understand why. He has written award winning books about leadership that I so far unfortunately have not read yet. If you want to by me a present… hint.
  6. Business Leader Success Advice
    James Chapman is a great resource to all leaders around the world. His blog is frequently updated and his articles are worth reading. This is also one of my most frequently visited blogs. This blog has little traffic and few comments, this if unfair, as this is one great blog written by a very experienced James Chapman. Strongly recommended.
  7. Kent Blumberg
    This blog is new to me, and I have just recently started to read this blog, it is definitely getting on my list and on to my blogroll. It is not the most visited blog, and the design is not appealing, but hey, the content counts in my world, and the content of the blog is worth reading.
  8. Seth Godin
    Seth Godin has written a few books, some of them I have read. I do not agree with everything in his books, but the thoughts and ideas are interesting and the blog is absolutely worth reading. I do not frequently read this blog, but visit it once in a while to see if new interesting stuff have appeared. His books are strongly recommended.
  9. Life Optimizer
    Written by Donald Latumahina since 2006. There is a lot of great reading on this blog and it is frequently updated. A lot of his post will get you thinking.
    A huge resource center with a lot of articles and authors writing about everything. This site has a lot of interesting articles, but it can be hard to find the best ones as great articles can drown in the masses. You might end up screening your favorite writes to be able to keep track.

I hope you will find some great blogs among these. Some of them are famous some of them ought to be. Take a look and see for yourself, you might end up with another favorite blog next to mine 🙂

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    Peter: Well deserved! 🙂
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