Top 100 leadership blogs – and the winner is…


This list of 100 great blogs is ranked by two different factors. One algorithm calculating a score based on five different factors by numeric hard facts about each blog, such as number of fans in social media, alexa rank, Google Page Rank and some secret search results. The other factor is a personal touch where I have evaluated each blog giving a score rating from 1-10 on design and personal all over ranking where content, value, usefulness and readability was considered. Dead links, images not showing or hard to read is bad news. If your blog has not been updated for a while it counts against you. Some are not included because of this; a few are included despite of this, because the content is not out of date and probably never will be. It is a great pleasure to announce the winners of the 2011 NeverMind-awards!

Daniel H Pink  is the winner of the 2011 NeverMind-award #1 – Best leadership blog.

Daniel PinkThe Winner:
Daniel Pink

Daniel is a great writer and author of one of my absolute favorite books – Drive – A fascinating book about motivation. His writings are to the point, easy to understand and packed with useful and inspirational advice. Daniel has a large and well deserved crowd of followers in social media. One of his best traits is that he understands the value of sharing knowledge. This trait is easily found at his blog and in his tweets. You are bound to learn something, if you read Daniels blog and follow him on twitter. Daniels blog is clean, it is easy to find subscribe links. His blog posts are easy to read, fun and useful, it is easy to share content.

Visit Daniel Pink’s Blog – Follow Daniel on Twitter.

Tanveer NaseerBest Design:
Tanveer Naseer

At #41 we find the winner of the best design award. A creative and good blog from Tanveer!
What can I say? Take a look at this blog! As a former web designer and web developer with a sense for minimalistic design, this blog blew my mind, ehm… not for a minimalistic reason.. but because this is killer web design by perfect example. His blog design is fresh, fun and it works. This is not just some fancy halfway cool stuff, but the design is 100 % true all the way. I find myself searching for a hidden link or gem on his side (Tanveer, you need to make a hidden link somewhere!) and I do fancy a cup of coffee while reading his blog. And his Twitter account follows up with the same fresh look. But like a good cake, decorations are not all. His blog is also packed with good advice and great content. I got a feeling that this blog will do better next year.

Visit Tanveer Naseer’s Blog – Follow Tanveer on Twitter.


The complete list

Take a look at the complete top 100 leadership ranking here.

Congratulations to the winners, and I hope you will discover some great new blogs that you’ll fall in love with.

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Frode Heimen

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