Top 100 Leadership Blogs – The Winner is…


Finally it’s out! The top 100 leadership blogs 2013 has now been published. This year I have ranked almost 300 blogs. 257 were approved to be included in the contest.  51 new blogs is included in the top 100. And we got a new blog as number one this year!

The winner of Top Leadership Blogs 2013 is….

The winner!Chris Brogan’s amazing blog stole the number one spotlight. Well deserved, I must say. His blog is different, a fresh writing style in combination with a personal touch and great design. He has managed to build a huge crowd of followers and readers. This blog was actually new to me, and a very pleasant discovery.

But the list goes on…

I could present the list from 100-200 and still have an amazing list. The top 100 blogs are good quality blogs with a lot of followers and fans. These blogs are frequently updated and these people should be considered as alchemist’s as they know how to produce gold content.

The list is published at – the leadership blog index. Take a look.


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