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Twitter 2000 following limit  I reached a magic spot today while browsing for interesting people to follow on twitter. I like to browse for people with similar interests as me but today I could not follow more people because I reached a limit of 2000 people. I used google, as I always do when I run into unknown territory. Twitter is fighting spammers, with this 2000 people limit as I found out. The only way that I can follow more people is if I get 2000 followers myself. And it seems like there is a 10 % calculation. I can follow 2200 people if I get 2000 followers myself and so on. I am about 600 short and that piss me off as there is still more people I would like to follow. So I have started to use this tool: to find out who I follow, and who is not following me back, looking for inactive accounts to remove.

I use twitter like I fish, when I have time I spend time looking for the good gems. And most of my favorite links are often provided outside my favorite twitters in the main stream of flowing tweets.
I would think this is useful for several others as well, so I decided to write a piece about the follow limit at twitter.

The solution is easy, either remove those I once followed but no longer are active or you need to be one of my next 607 followers 🙂  – – So follow me to help me follow more amazing people. Keep reading below for 10 ways to do a better job by tweeting.

I can not follow more people unless I get more followers or ditch some of those I follow...

Bonus: 10 ways to do a better job by tweeting!

I’ll add a bonus list with useful twitter hints to prove that you should follow me on twitter and become one of my next 607 followers. This is a list that will make you better at your job.

  • Use twitter search field and search for #funatwork – it is important to have fun while working to keep motivation up.
  • One more search for you: #motivation – You will find inspiration in twitter.
  • Find great bloggers and follow them on twitter. Find bloggers who write about leadership and work life. You can start by looking at the blogs in my blogroll to the right.
  • Search for keywords related to your profession. Anything from products to sales technics – you might find people fascinatingly engaged in plastic materials or radio transmitters whatever’s your fancy.
  • Search for the term #Fridayfun on Thursdays and compile an email to be sent on Friday morning to your co-workers. Spread some love.
  • Find bloggers who writes about your profession and follow them..
  • Spend a few hours a week to follow the tweet stream and pick up gems from the tweet stream.
  • If you build a good line of people you follow it might be hard to keep up. A good thing is to create an online newspaper like I did with the Cubicle Chronicles – a fun and easy way to keep up with the news passing thru twitter.
  • Create searches for your company name and see what others are saying about your company. If your company doesn’t have a twitter profile yet, make one. Could be smart to ask for permission…
  • And related to the one above: Search for and follow competitors. See what people write about them, and see what the company publishes themselves.

I hope this either gave you a solution to your twitter limit problem or that you found something interesting and useful stuff to do with twitter until you reach this limit.
In the meanwhile I would love to be able to follow more interesting people so please do me a huge favour, re-tweet this if you follow me, or follow me if you don’t. ? I still need 600 + – thank you.

Thank you so much for reading, oh… did you remember to follow me? (I made a new desing to my twitteraccount today too)
– Please do comment if you know other ways to become better at what you do by tweeting…

Frode Heimen

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  1. Thanks for this great post and I am thinking of following you.

  2. FrodeHeimen | August 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm |

    A good tool to use is: – you can see who don’t follow you back and unfollow them. By doing this you can rather follow new people that will follow you back. It is important to remember that if you remove and add repeatedly your account might be suspended, but I remove about 20 pr day, and follow back on those that follow me, where I don’t follow back. And I ask people to please follow me back if they don’t. If they don’t they will risk losing a follower. I just removed Oprah, Bill Gates and Dr. Phil.. I guess they will never follow me back anyway 😀 I would love to balance my follow/followers ratio, but it is taking some time, please be patient if you follow me, I will follow you back – if you are somewhere related to this blog’s topics. (I won’t follow spammers, babes and people totally out of topic)

  3. FrodeHeimen | August 16, 2011 at 11:26 pm |

    Just as a fact: The limit is 2001 🙂

  4. Updated my comment system to @Livefyre – making it easier to comment at my blog.

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