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How to perform when life sucksI have been writing on a project lately about finding happiness. I am not sure if it is ever going to be published work, but we all know that happiness at work is extremely important, guess I have at least one Danish with me on that… But I have also been thinking about happiness at home and the luggage you bring to work. As we all know life changes all the time. We experience good quality times, and we experience deep down to our shoulders shit. How will our private happiness affect our job? And how can you manage to do a good job in troubled times? – And even better, how can your boss make sure that all employees can afford to experience a life crisis without losing touch with work.

I have been broke, I have been in debt, I have been divorced, I have moved, I have lost my job, I have lost people I care about. I have been living in an old house, driving an old car. I have started a business and failed at it – twice. But luckily not all at once, and I have also been married, had a kid, got jobs, started my own business, had a nice car, have a good place to live – I have a steady income, unfortunately not at once. Chances are that your life is somewhat like mine at least to a certain point. How can we manage to appreciate our co-workers crazy stunts and karaoke day at work, when you have trouble at home?

Well dear managers and leaders around the world…easy to tweet
Your employee is unhappy, not because of you – yet – but because of something outside the cubicle highway. Your job is to make sure that this employee:
A) Does some productive work.
B) Doesn’t leave work for a long period of time.
C) Doesn’t quit his job
D) Wants to come to work

Ten things managers can do to get unhappy people to stay! [click to tweet]easy to tweet

  1. Build on trust – the employees must feel that they can talk to you without being judged.
  2. Coach and motivate – Inspire them to find solutions. Even put coaching into system or hire a coach if you need to.
  3. Allow some room and space if needed. Give them two days off work with pay. Or instead of that bonus – maybe give them a paid vacation?
  4. Share your life experience – if you have been in the same rough spot.  Supports point 1.
  5. Accept that works become a little slow, sloppy and not top notch for a while. It is better to be at work and drink coffee all day to lay home in bed feeling bad. 30 % effective for a month is nothing to losing a good employee.
  6. Be social – invite a group of employees to do some team building or just eat dinner.
  7. Be understanding – Never believe or expect this person to be a top performer during the crisis. The worst thing you can do is to give him a hard time too.
  8. Play on strengths and make the employee master something. It does not even need to be useful for your business – because keeping your employee at work will be the reward.
  9. Pick up the phone and check in if they are home for a few days – show that you care and are concerned.
  10. Never break confidentiality – what is being revealed during talks stays between you two.

Ten things employees can do to keep their job going easy to tweet

  1. Staying at home is deadly – after a week, it will be harder to get back to work, after a month it will be close to impossible – be social and interact with your job. If you can, at least visit them once a day to eat lunch. (Make sure your boss reads my blog)
  2. Find someone to talk to at work – make that bond that will give you a benefit for going to work.
  3. Make an action plan to improve your situation – it is amazing how staring at a wall produce no solutions.
  4. Get out! – Into nature, go for a walk; get some fresh air and exercise.
  5. Ask for less or different work – and avoid those deadline jobs.
  6. Do volunteer work – or help someone else. Feeling needed or useful is a powerful drug.
  7. Get a new hobby or learn something new. It will keep your brain from going moldy.
  8. Write a journal each day – 3 things that was good today! That is it! No sadness in this book.
  9. Acknowledge that if things are going bad at home, leaving your job is not a good idea.
  10. Make other people happy – be creative, appreciate your co-workers, serve coffee – it does not have to cost more than a little effort and a smile.

Basic level of happiness… [click to tweet]easy to tweet
What is your basic level of happiness… this is a “strip my life”-exercise. What can you get rid of and still be happy? What is your “must have” to be happy?  What living creatures or things define your happiness? And are they just comfortable to own? Or are the things you find really important? If you manage to find your base, get to know it.. you might also be able to find where to solve it. – And take your time.

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  1. “staying at home is deadly” well no really, specially when a person is not a outgoing person, and some even how stressed they are, they choose to stay at home and rest rather than going to other places.

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