When It Comes Down to Motivation


Do you want to get yourself or your employees very motivated? This is a great clip from the movie “Any Given Sunday” – with Al Pacino motivating his football team. I have used this at work to motivate my employees with instant result.
The inch by inch reference in the video is easy to relate to. For my crew, it’s all about minutes and seconds. Where a focused and efficient worker can answer 60-80 calls a day, a rookie might land somewhere around 20 – 25 calls. Working with goals and eating minutes and seconds is their job.
Show this at your job, and see the effect. Recommended!

Why seconds count.

During the last 3 weeks my crew has been focusing in particular on something we call wrap-up time. This is the time it takes from finishing up one call, before you get the next. The average for 3 weeks ago was 60-70 seconds. This week the average is between 25-30 seconds saving 30-45 seconds between each call to our call centre. This is why this video clip works great at my place. All together we saved up approximately 135 calls, giving my crew the same efficiency as hiring 3 new people.

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    I agree! This clip is great motivation!

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