Where is Your Inspirational Space?


find inspirationDo you find time to get inspiration? And do you know how to become inspired? Some of us depend on other people to inspire us, and at other times we need to find inspiration for ourselves. I wonder what you do to find inspiration? I want to share what works for me:

  1. I need to be in a tidy spot. And I am a typical creative person, thus meaning I need to clean first…
  2. My head works best bright and early or very late at night.
  3. I need coffee and some snacks.
  4. Traveling really gets my inspiration working.
  5. Talking to someone, while having a white board close by to draw ideas on.
  6. Reading… I read a lot, the best fuel for knowledge and inspiration.
  7. Writing. I do write a lot to. Not all of it useful, but the fruit of this seed is ideas.

Finding my inspirational space is becoming more important to me as writing is getting more and more important in my life. But having inspirational space is not only for writing; it is for finding ideas, cleaning your thoughts and opening your mind. I use this time to reflect as well to balance my ideas to work in real life. But when inspiration is running on empty what do I do?

  1. I look at what I have done so far – Not what is left to do. You get more inspiration from what you have achieved so far; instead of looking at all you still have to do.
  2. A little progress is still progress. If you write one page each day, you will have a massive book in a year. If you do a little housework it is a little bit cleaner. Small steps are great.
  3. Do – Nike must have one of the best slogans in the world. “Just do it” – this is so true. I could plan my life to my grave, but to move forward I need to act.

Some dreams are small, some are life changing, do dare to follow some of your dreams. And one of my best tips for inspiration is to share your knowledge. Teaching other people what I already know is one of my best inspirational sources as it gives great meaning and purpose to my life.

To get back to my headline question, where is your inspirational space?

Frode Heimen

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  1. When I think of inspirational harmony I think of one being at peace not only with others but also within themselves. I think of one being able to truly forgive others with the knowledge that forgiving does not mean forgetting. It just enables one to move on in a more positive way. It also means to be able to accept others for their beliefs, national origins and views.

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