Who is the best leader, Barack Obama or John McCain?

This is a question all Americans are pondering about these days. At least all Americans should think about this, and take a stand. I believe in democracy, but democracy is dependent on enough voters. So take a stand and vote. I live in Norway, and follow the election from the outside. My impression is that this is a choice between something new or let history repeat itself. John McCain seems like a man of action, a hardball that won’t let anybody mess with him. On the other hand Barack Obama seems like a man of softer value. I believe Obama presents the White House to coaching. And coaching might be what America needs. I cannot see what McCain would add to the White House but a four year long wait for the next election.

How can this influence my life? Why would I care about an American election? First of all for those McCain voters out there Norway is a country next to Russia. I do not need an American President with a tougher line to foreign politics. I do not fear Russian politics or a new cold war, but there is no need to challenge the faith. From my point of view Russian leaders or even Iranian leaders seems more capable of creating world peace, that your current President, or potentially republican follower. Obama seems more like a listener, like a coach who is willing to listen to the world around him. And listeners find solutions. I believe that the optimism in American economics will rise with Obama, not necessary because he is a better leader, but because he represents something new. He is a great motivator and an inspiration, great qualities of a true leader. The USA has great impact on the rest of the world, at warfare, at human aid and in technology. I need a motivated, inspired and upcoming USA, not a paranoid power machine in need of anger management. For me Obama represent a great leader with all the right values of a great coach.

I am taking a stand; Vote!

I have voted at all elections in Norway since I could vote. Voting is very important, it is a right you have, and I bet you’ll miss that when it is gone. I do not care who you pin you vote to, as long as you vote. Who you vote for is personal; but if you want to listen to my advice, let Barack Obama get your vote. As an outsider, looking in trough the American window it is a clear choice between a boss and a coach. A boss tells you what to do, a coach listen to you, and help you make your own choice.

If you believe that someone from Norway has nothing to say in this matter, well than you have to beat my score first at: http://www.aftenposten.no/reise/test_quiz/article2346001.ece (Place the states quiz.)

My Score at the place the state quiz

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