Why Attitude Matters


Why Attitude Matters Big TimeWhy should you have the right attitude? There is one factor that will have a huge impact on almost everything you do in life. Your attitude will determine the outcome of your goals. Did you know that it is possible to choose your attitude? Have you ever been given a task that seemed impossible? What was the outcome? You attitude might actually prevent you from success even before you get the chance to try, why is that? Did you know that your attitude can prevent you from trying? What can we do about it?

Learned Helplessness

I have been reading Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life by Ph.D. Martin Seligman. His book is about how people can learn helplessness and not see or not apply any effort to an obvious solution. And of course his book is also about learning optimism and solving just such problems. This actually proves that you might get obstacles in your life that seem so hard that you will not even try, resulting in failure or unhappiness.

When Change Comes

You probably do not like change? Human does not like change, change is often challenging our comfort zone. Have there at any time been changes in your life that you thought was bad? Did it turn out bad? Is there a pattern between good and bad change, and good and bad outcome? We do like to say told you so? Don’t we?  Hang in there with me as I am soon getting to the point.

Failed To Reach Your Goal?

Did you fail to reach your goal? Is the goal so overwhelming that you even won’t try? My son is six years old and he replies with: “I do not know how to do that!” whenever I am trying to teach him something new. I try to tell him that’s why we are going to try it, but in many situations he just refuse to try because his fear of failure.

It Is All About Your Attitude

The great thing about our mind is that we can chose our attitude and be aware about our obstacles. Read these 3 points:

  1. Even if the problem seems unsolvable, do try to solve it. Do not give up. Do ask for help, consider other options. If I tell you to carry 100 rocks from A to B, you will be exhausted before you are finished if you carry one and one rock. If you find a wheelbarrow and a friend with a wheelbarrow you task will be done faster with the correct outcome, the rocks are located at B. If you get a truck you might even finish it much easier. There is one certain guaranteed way to fail any task, and that is not trying. So whatever the obstacle choose to try!
  2. Oh, no there is change coming along. Change can be good or bad. But there is almost no way you can know beforehand. You can cut of a finger, and it might not be bad, if you decide to play the lottery while visiting the hospital, and won $ 15.000.000? When change is entering your life, try to stay positive as you will not know if the change is good or bad, until long time after. You can make a choice to be positive, and if you do most changes will be good. If a change create an obstacle, do not say “I told you so” rather read number one again.
  3. There is one saying from Confucius that I like: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” There is no reason to stay fat if your diet failed. There is no reason to feel as a failure if you did not manage to get the report in on time. If you do not reach your goals, do not adjust the goals. Do not think of yourself as a failure. It is all in the actions. You need to do something different! Does that require change? Read part two again. Is it creating an obstacle? Read part 1 again.

When it comes to attitude you have a few choices, either give it a try and have a fighting chance or do not try and be sure not to succeed. Either you will stay positive and embrace change and try to make it good or be negative and fight the change that’s around the corner making the change a failure. When it comes to not reaching your goals either adjust your actions or give up and never reach your goal.

I hope that you will see that having a positive fighting attitude will make your life better either at work or at home. If your attitude is the other way around you will be certain to fail, but you will have the chance to say I told you so one more time.

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