Why do you want a promotion in the first place?


disgruntledI have just read and commented on Steve Roesler’s blog post about disgruntled employees. And I feel the need to elaborate.

Steve asks a question:If you are talented and disgruntled and have made an attempt to rectify the situation without success, then what payoff are you getting by staying where you are?


This is all about having the right focus.
First I must tell you about my philosophy; if you focus on where you should be, you are on the wrong path. It will bring you more possibilities, if you focus on what you should be instead. Eliminate positions and roles, and focus on skills, values and abilities. I believe that you can get into a position if you play your hand the right way among the right persons, but when you get to the position you will be lost, without the abilities.


Let’s make goals.
1) I want to be the CEO of the IBM Corporation.
This will give you a focus on what it takes to become CEO in this company. You’ll need to find out who can influence the choice of a potential new CEO, and you need to find out if it becomes vacant, and eventually wait. As time goes by, you will be more and more disgruntled as long as Mr. Palmisano has the job you feel you deserve. And if you can’t endure the wait, you probably quit trying out at a new company, just to be disgruntled there.
Your goal might be out of reach, and you must find allies that might even stab you in your back on your way to the top. And there is only one thing that can ultimately satisfy you in the end.


2) I want to be the best leader in the world.
This will force you to focus on things that you can do something about. You should focus on skills, values, abilities and self development. You will start to evolve and grow as a leader. And you’ll feel that you are in the right place, because within this position you have the chance to grow and develop. You will not be disgruntled as long as you become better at what you do.


Your goals are open, not locked to one target. You will surround yourself with people that want to teach you and lift you up. And if you ever become the best leader in the world, you probably will be qualified to be the CEO of IBM, or any other organization.
These examples are farfetched, but serves good as an example of my point.



What happens when you become great?

So you started to focus on skills, values and abilities? Good for you. So now what? You are evolving and becoming great at what you do. There are a few things that will happen now. The company you work at will notice you, and they will know that you are irreplaceable, thus making you a natural candidate for any openings along the path. If you are ignored, keep on evolving. Because around you there are many people that will act as your spokesman. If they decide to quit and get another job, they might talk about their great co-worker or leader at their previous job. Hey, you might even get head hunted.

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