Why Hunting With Spears No Longer Works


mammothI had a small chat with an accountant today and he said “if everybody was like an accountant we would still be hunting with spears”. This got me thinking about people and differences, and the fear of change. I am currently leading a department that need to change and adapt to the new challenges we are facing. This is not necessary popular, and I both understand why, and wonder why.

The Fear of Change

Humans might be the most adaptable creature on the planet, but we also hate change. Why is this? I know that entire species might vanish if there is minor change to the environment, but I think evolution has proven that the humans manage to stick around even if we no longer feed on Mammoths and that is 12.000 years ago. I wonder what they thought when they last ate a meal of Mammoth meat? Maybe the same as a Homo Sapiens Cubicleus (HSC) is thinking if he needs to get a new set of tasks? A change bring along a partner called insecurity that confuses the HSC. To deal with this fear, it might be an idea to promote the benefits early and make sure that they understand and can handle the new tasks given?

But We Didn’t do it This Way Before

There is a lot of excuses when change is coming to the Cubicle Nation. We never did that before, I feel that this is one step back, management does not understand what we do, I do not want to do this and I do not know how to do this. – I have to agree that is so true, but before is still before. It is the past. In the future we have new challenges and as a company we need to change to get the best results. The company I work for was just awarded the best Call Center in Norway, this mean that in the past year or months we have been doing things right, but I can guarantee that sticking with the old will result in competition passing us. Change equals business, and sticking with the old won’t work in the long run.

The Challenges of the Future

What is our goal? How can we reach our goals? Do we need to change something in order to reach our goal? If you can reach your goal by doing the same old, no worries, but if you can’t reach your goal by hunting with spears, you might need to change something. What is our competition doing right now? They are changing, picking up pace and tries to outrun us. That is what competition do, and since we are the best we need to run faster and get even higher goals, and we need to be smarter, and we cannot wait until the competition passes us.

Help Me, My Boss is Changing Stuff

If you are an employee you got two choices when changes arrive, you can either try to make the best of it, or you can leave. The choice is yours, but if you leave because the job changes, you might take a deeper look into yourself as there is most likely changes at a possible new company as well. If you are not capable of adapting to change you will be in trouble, unless you manage to change your spirit. This does not need to mean that you need to accept the change and if you feel that this is a violation of your values or you feel that the change in some way interfere with your personal goals or ambitions, changing playground might be the solution to you. A manager understands if you want to leave during changes, and that is fair, but do not leave just because there is a change. Take a day of to enjoy a longer weekend and think about it. Be honest with your boss and say what you are thinking. This might help you through the changes. Do remember change is for a reason, the challenge is do you change with it?

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3 Comments on "Why Hunting With Spears No Longer Works"

  1. Frode Heimen | May 16, 2009 at 5:20 am |

    I have learned that change is constant. Since I was a creative kid, I have always enjoyed change. And it is still amazing to observe people that dislike small changes and even end up quitting the company. Do they really think that there is companies out there that does not change? I do not think that they are afraid of change, as much as being afraid of doing something that they do not like. Change to something more interesting or for the individual benefit seems to adapt easily, while change that would benefit the customer on the cost of a little extra work is harder…

  2. Frode,

    It now confuses me why we look at Change as anything separate from Life. Each day one the sun rises is new and different.

    I’m in the business of taking people and companies through changes; but I’m still amazed that anyone is actually surprised about them!

  3. Change is inevitable.

    Paradox: “Change is constant.”

    Benjamin Lee’s last blog post..The Magical Number of Pi and Stock Markets

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